Learn how you can get free hydrogen for three years with your Nexo purchase or lease

As a NEXO owner, you will receive an H2 Fuel Card which covers $13,000 worth of fuel purchases for three years. The three-year term of the H2 Fuel Card begins when you take delivery of your NEXO. Shortly after the delivery of your NEXO you will receive a $200 debit card to be used for hydrogen refueling until the arrival of the permanent H2 Fuel Card, which should arrive approximately two weeks later. Together, the two cards will cover $13,000 of hydrogen refueling.

The H2 Fuel Card will be valid at all certified hydrogen stations in California, and in turn, these stations will be the only establishments authorized for purchases on the card. You can visit cafcp.org/stations for an updated list of available retail fuel stations.

As an owner, you can check your current account balance and refuel history by logging into your nexofuelcard.com . Any remaining account balance at the end of the three-year period will zero out. For security, the actual balance on the card at any given time will be considerably less than the account balance but replenished automatically to always be ready for your next refueling.

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NEXO Fuel Card FAQs

Is there a mileage limit?
The H2 Fuel Card is good for three years after the card is issued, or when the $13,000 balance has been depleted, whichever comes first. There is no mileage limit.

Is the H2 Fuel Card transferable?
The H2 Fuel Card is a benefit exclusively for new Nexo owners. It is not transferable.

What if I lose my fuel card?
Hyundai will replace your fuel card, but cannot reimburse for fuel purchases incurred before the arrival of the new card.

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