A Step-by-step Guide to Update your MyHyundai Password

If you forgot your password or need to create a new one, simply follow the steps below to reset your MyHyundai password.





From the MyHyundai homepage, click on the “Forgot password” link. 







Enter the email address you are using on your MyHyundai account.  Click Next. 




To confirm your account, please answer the security question that you set up when you created your MyHyundai account.  Click Next. 





NOTE:  If you have forgotten the answer to your security question please follow (Steps 4 through Step 7) otherwise advance to Step 8 to complete the password reset process.



STEP #4:                                                                                                           

Click on the Verification Code link.  Click Next.




To receive a Verification Code, enter your Phone Number (Mobile or Landline #) and Zip Code or the Last 6 digits of your VIN and Zip Code.  Click Next.




To receive your Verification Code choose the delivery method you would prefer, either by text or email.





Check your email or text message for the Verification Code sent to you.  Insert the Verification Code and click Next.




A Reset Link has been sent to you through email or text message.  Click on the Reset Link to create a new password.  Enter a new password, confirm password.  Click on the blue button to change your password.


NOTE:  If you did not receive the Password Reset Link email please check your spam folder




A pop-up screen will appear after you’ve changed your password stating that you have successfully reset your password.  Click the blue button to return to the login page of MyHyundai.


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