A step by step guide to re-enable biometric verification, Touch ID and Face ID for your MyHyundai PIN

If you received a notification that your PIN has expired on your MyHyundai app and you wish to re-enable it, simply follow the steps below to re-enable your PIN with biometrics, Face ID or Touch ID.

STEP #1:


Upon receiving the PIN expired notification, go to the main menu and click “Settings". 




STEP #2:                                                                                

Clicking on Settings will take you to the page shown below.



STEP #3:

Disable Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics first by moving the toggle in the “Off” position. This will also uncheck any selections of PIN or Login usage below. 



STEP #4:

Move the toggle to the “On” position to enable Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics again, depending on what is supported on your device. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics for either login, PIN or both.



NOTE:  If only PIN was enabled before, and you wish to continue with the same setting, then only PIN needs to be checked. If this was also used for login, then both can be checked. 

STEP #5:

A subsequent pop-up is shown to verify the authentication information, either Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics, depending on the device you’re using. Once you enter this information and it is verified, the pop-up disappears.


STEP #6:

Now re-enter the PIN number to complete the sync process. Once the PIN is verified, the next screen is shown.


STEP #7:

The settings page is displayed with Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics enabled. Congratulations, your PIN has been re-enabled and can be used for remote actions.

NOTE:  If you would also like to enable your PIN for Login, you can do this by checking the ‘Use for Login’ checkbox. If not, it can be left blank. 




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