Learn more about the new features & capabilities of the revolutionized and redesigned MyHyundai with Bluelink App.

Hyundai has redesigned the MyHyundai with Bluelink App. The home page is more personalized, intuitive, and robust with more useful features and important information readily at hand.

The app will also accommodate new features enabled by the newest generation of Bluelink, which includes:

  • Car Status notifications
  • Vehicle Status enhancement 
  • Maps enhancement to search Point of Interest, Hyundai Dealers, and Fuel/Charge Stations
  • Car Care Menu 
  • My Profile
  • Climate Start and other remote commands
  • Charge Management for EV vehicles 


The updated app should have appeared on your mobile device as a downloadable update. If that did not occur and you are reading this from your mobile device, here is where you can download the most up-to-date Apple version or Android version of the new app.

Logging In


Greater usability starts on the Login page where “Forget Password” has been added, which takes you to a mobile version of the website’s Forget Password page.

Depending on the capability of your phone, your home page my invite you to skip the password altogether with the added options of Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone and Biometric Verification for Android.

More options are provided for users to Explore MyHyundai, view Owner Resources, search dealers, or access guest login from a logged out state. 

New Homepage


The new home page will greet you, and in most cases, an image representing your vehicle will appear along with a quick view of your vehicle name, door lock status, fuel or battery status, and estimated range. The page provides access to these features:

  • Your vehicle status information
  • Remote Commands such as Start, Lock, Unlock, Stop, or Locate Vehicle
  • Options to View Vehicle Status page and Start Charging (for EV vehicles) 
  • Vehicle Safeguard Alerts
  • Utilities Menu (three bars on the bottom left)
  • Message Center (envelope icon on the bottom right) 


The newest Bluelink Generation compatible conventional fuel-powered vehicles will have this added to the homepage:

  • Fuel level gauge meter
  • Fuel level percentage 
  • Estimated range in miles 
  • Ability to find nearest fuel stations in Maps


The home page for EV and Plug-in Hybrid models will include the following:

  • Battery charge gauge meter and percentage 
  • Current range in miles (Plug-in hybrids include both battery-only and overall range)
  • Currently plugged in indicator with voltage level and charging indicator
  • Toggle to start or stop charging
  • View Charge Management 
  • Ability to find nearest charge stations in Maps


In a similar fashion, the NEXO fuel cell vehicle includes this additional information:

  • Hydrogen fuel-level gauge meter and percentage
  • Current range in miles 
  • Ability to find nearest hydrogen fuel station


The gauge meters mentioned above are color-coded as follows:

  • 41 – 100% Green
  • 21 – 40% Yellow 
  • 0 – 20% Red


The homepage also includes a refresh option to update the vehicle status, as well as a timestamp of the last refresh to always ensure you can get your most current vehicle status.

Vehicle Status


Clicking "View Vehicle Status" on the homepage will lead you to a quick view of your vehicle status, showing status of doors, hood, trunk, cabin climate, and more.


Viewing the Full List will give you an even more detailed view of your vehicle such as lights, fluid level, and battery pre-conditioning (for EV vehicles).

Remote Start


Activating Remote Start from the home page (for applicable models) will display a page to enable you to review your Climate Start Presets. You can even customize your presets for the Summer and Winter months.  

When you click Submit to remote-start your car, the app will show the progress on the home page, following these four stages:

  1. Sending request
  2. Request sent / Request failed
  3. Pending 
  4. Success / Failed

Remote actions can now also generate specific messages as well as reminders about the expected result or limitations of certain remote actions. You will also be informed if an action is outside your Bluelink subscription level.

Utilities Menu


Access from the three-line icon at the bottom right of the homepage, the Utilities Menu has been redesigned to increase its visibility. From the Utilities menu, you have the ability to view and edit your Profile, Settings, and Dealer.   

You can view their subscription status, get Help & Support, access Emergency Services, and manage multiple vehicles in My Garage. Digital Key and Surround View Monitor are also accessed through Utilities for supported vehicles. 

My Profile


My Profile, accessed through the Utilities Menu, lets you adjust your personal information and add additional drivers to your vehicle. 

Through Driver Settings in My Profile, you can set the following information, ensuring your vehicle is catered to your personal preferences:

  • Sound – Includes navigation prompts when audio is playing or a phone call is in progress.
  • Active Noise Control – Adjusts the audio system’s noise cancelation technology.
  • Drive Mode – Adjusts changes to engine sound, driver's seat and climate control.
  • Lighting – Adjusts headlight remain-on time after vehicle shutdown and the number of times turn signals blink from nudging the control.
  • Door Locks –Automatic door lock and unlock and sets whether the driver’s door or all doors will initially unlock.
  • Gauge Cluster – Set gauge cluster content and outside information such as speed limits or Icy road warnings.
  • Seat Position – Enter your height, weight, and body type and the car can offer an ideal seating position, and other settings. 
  • Climate Control – Heated steering wheel and seats can be adjusted to reduce temperature over time for greater comfort.

Car Care


Car Care Menu includes a wide range of features important to you and vehicle experience. The following features are accessible in Car Care: 

  • Health & Maintenance to view Vehicle Health and Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Servicing Your Vehicle to schedule service, view the collision repair center, and see current dealer service offers and promotions
  • Owner Resources to learn more about the vehicle through Owner Manuals, Videos, and FAQs. A Digital Owner Manual experience is available for supported vehicles 




Maps has been enhanced to provide you with a range of search options. You can now search by Points of Interest, Fuel or Charge Stations, Hyundai Dealers, and Vehicle Locator. 


Once you find your desired destination, you can send the location to your vehicle. When you are ready to drive, the location will be added to your vehicle's map. 

Charge Management


If you own an EV vehicle, you are able to set many charging preferences, such as Battery Pre-Conditioning, Setting AC/DC Charge Limits, and the ability to Start or Stop Charging from the screen.  


If you click over to Scheduling, you can set charging schedules to automatically start charging based on your driving habits. You can set cabin climate settings to be ready when your vehicle is remotely started, and set off-peak efficiency to save on energy bill and maximize charge. 

Future Changes

The MyHyundai app is constantly being refreshed to look better, work better, and be ready to accommodate the wide array of new sophisticated features to be introduced on future Hyundai models. As newer features become available, the MyHyundai app will be updated to leverage those features within your smartphone whenever appropriate.

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