What is SiriusXM Satellite Radio and how to get the most out of it.



Any 2016 or newer Hyundai with a center color display is able to receive SiriusXM, and if you purchased such a model new or through the Certified Pre-Owned program, most everything SiriusXM has to offer is available for a free three-month trial period.

SiriusXM 3-month trial

If you have recently purchased a new Hyundai or a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle with a display screen, you are entitled to the SiriusXM 3-month All Access free trial. Your 3-month free trial begins when activated by your dealer upon delivery of your vehicle. If your 3-month trial is not activated during your vehicle delivery, it can be activated at a later time. Your 3-month trial will begin on the first day of activation.

SiriusXM In-car Programming

The content for the trial period is equivalent to one of the most comprehensive SiriusXM subscriptions known as the All Access Package. With All Access, your Hyunda can access ad-free music, more games, more sports, and more coverage then any other source:

  • Over 200 stations
  • Commercial-Free Music Channels
  • Artist-Dedicated Music Channels
  • 24/7 Comedy Channels
  • A wide variety of news coverage and political discussion
  • Every NFL Game
  • Every NASCAR® Race
  • MLB®, NBA, and NHL® Games
  • PGA TOUR Coverage
  • Personalized stations powered by Pandora

To help you find the stations that will most appeal to you, the stations are grouped by these categories:

  • Music
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Hip-hop / R&B
    • Country
    • Dance / Electronic
    • Jazz / Standards
    • Latino
    • Holiday
  • News / Issues
    • Talk / Entertainment
    • News / Public Radio
    • Politics / Issues
    • Howard Stern
    • Traffic / Weather (Major metropolitan areas)
  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Religion

The categories are just general descriptions for the treasures that lie within. For example, the Rock category includes entire stations dedicated to Alternative, Heavy Metal, Easy Listening, Jamming and even specific artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Elvis or Pearl Jam. Likewise, Country gives you stations dedicated to Bluegrass, Folk, Bar Songs, Contemporary Hits among others. Within the Pop category you can time-warp back to your childhood or high school days with their popular decade-specific formats for the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

You can immerse yourself in your favorite sports, because along with general sports stations like ESPN and Fox Sports, you’ll find stations dedicated to NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, along with specific college conferences.

Comedy is a format almost completely foreign to broadcast, yet SiriusXM has seven or more dedicated comedy channels with formats ranging from family-friendly to adult-oriented content (satellite radio is not subject to FCC indecency rules). When you want to get serious, there are dozens of New & Issues stations from the BBC World Service to Rural Radio (specializing in rural and agricultural issues). And there are multiple political programming stations that will both align with your views and let you in on what the other guys are saying.

Because SiriusXM is broadcast from satellites, the programming is just as comprehensive in rural Wyoming as it is in Los Angeles. So, unless most of your driving is underground, you will always have your favorite programming wherever you travel in the Continental United States and lower Canada. In addition, because the signal is digital, you won’t hear any background hiss and stations never interfere with one another.

Taking SiriusXM outside the car

The All Access trial also enables you to enjoy all of the above plus more with Sirius online through a downloadable app for your smartphone or other devices with online access. SiriusXM content and abilities include:

  • 300+ channels
  • Ability to create your own ad-free Personalized Stations
  • 100 ad-free Xtra channels of music for every mood
  • SiriusXM video of favorite SiriusXM shows, including Howard Stern
  • Access thousands of hours of On Demand shows and performances
  • Personalized recommendations based on your listening habits

To enjoy SiriusXM outside your vehicle, you can start listening online now for a free preview as well as download our app by clicking here. If your free trial has begun, click here to establish your username and password.

After the Trial Period

At the end of the three months, you should be notified through your vehicle SiriusXM display and by SiriusXM that your trial period has ended. You will be given instructions on how to begin a subscription and continue the service.

You can click here to view the subscriptions available for you and your Hyundai model with instructions on how to subscribe. In addition to the All Access subscription of the trial period, there are packages focusing on music, non-music, family-friendly programming, sports and two a la carte packages. Whether continuing the service, or starting anew, you will need your radio I.D. number, which is accessible by turning to SiriusXM Channel 0.

Listen for yourself and you will find SiriusXM’s comprehensive programming and its ease of use to be a perfect complement to the meticulous engineering and user-friendly features of every new Hyundai.

How to Access Sirius XM

Managing all this content is made easy in your Hyundai. To access SiriusXM, simply push the Radio button and then select SiriusXM. You will automatically access the last SiriusXM channel you listened to. In the center of the screen will be the channel info which includes:

  • Channel logo
  • Channel name & number
  • Name of current show
  • Name of artist and song (for music channels)
  • Name of Category the channel falls under

On the left of the display, will be a list of SiriusXM presets. Six presets appear at a time, but you can scroll up and down for a total of 18 in all. To save a channel as a preset, simply access the channel and press and hold any unused preset for three seconds. New presets can be saved over old ones. Hyundai is constantly working to improve the SiriusXM experience, so the rest of the display will vary by model and year. To understand the function of every control on the display, consult your model’s Quick Reference Guide.



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