A brief overview of the Electrify America Select Charging Program as it pertains to the Kona EV and Ioniq EV

The cost of operating a Hyundai EV is remarkably low compared to a gas vehicle.  Currently, Electrify America is offering a new program for Hyundai owners to further reduce charging costs, and make it more convenient to access charging stations.

What is Electrify America?

Electrify America is building a vast charger network throughout the United States.  Currently, they have 410 stations across 42 states and 17 metropolitan areas, and the network is constantly growing. By the end of 2021, they expect to have approximately 800 charging stations, for a total of 3,500 chargers in 45 states and 29 metropolitan areas.  All stations will include the CCS (Combined Charging System) chargers used by Hyundai electric vehicles.

Each Electrify America, CCS charger offers Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 ranges of charging speed.  The higher the tier, the higher charge speed, and the higher charging cost per minute.  The maximum charging speed is dependent on the vehicle.  The maximum charging speeds of both the Kona EV and Ioniq EV fall within the Tier 2 range, and will charge at Tier2 automatically. Tier 2 charging normally costs $0.69/minute, plus a $1.00 session fee.

Click here to learn more about Electrify America, including a map of all its current charging stations.

Hyundai Select Charging Program Benefits

These are the benefits for Kona EV and Ioniq EV owners who subscribe to Electrify America’s Hyundai Select Charging Program:

·       Reduced Tier 2 charging rate from $0.69 to $0.35 per minute.

·       $1.00 session fee waived.                                                       

·       Access to the Electrify America mobile app.

·       $4.00 / month Electrify America Select Program subscription cost waived.

With the subscription fee waived, the program is entirely free, while saving you money with every charge.

The Electrify America mobile app makes charging your vehicle even more convenient.  Using the app, you can:

·       Find the nearest Electrify America charging stations on its map.

·       See detailed charge station information, including charger availability, and real-time current session status.

·       Request to be notified when a compatible charger becomes available.

·       Save favorite charge stations to instantly receive station details.

·       Receive charge status information during the charge session.

·       Pay for the charge through the app.                                                       

·       View your charging session history.

The Electrify America Select Program will be available throughout the 2020 calendar year, ending on December 31, 2020.

How to enroll in the Electrify America Select Program

To enroll in the Electrify America Select Program as a Kona or Ioniq EV owner, follow these five steps:

1.     Download the Electrify America charging app from Apple or Google App stores.

2.     Open the app, and on the “Become a Member” screen, select “Premium Offers”.

3.     Choose the “Hyundai Select” premium offer.

4.     Enter the VIN of your Kona EV or Ioniq EV.  This VIN qualifies you for the Hyundai Select Charging Program.

5.     Your mobile device will be sent a Hyundai Select enrollment code.  Enter the code on the app.

That completes the process.  You will now be ready to enjoy the benefits of the Hyundai Select Program.

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