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When most of us engage in an activity regularly, be it our job, fitness pursuits, or any kind of personal interest, we strive to improve our abilities, and we often look for metrics or feedback to monitor our progress. However, when it comes to driving - something we do every day – it has been difficult to steadily improve our ability, largely because we lack any kind of metric to determine how well we are driving. That has now changed. Thanks to the many sensors already built into your Hyundai vehicle, combined with the Bluelink Connected Car system, you now have the opportunity to view a weekly Hyundai Driving Score. A higher score indicates better driving in the eyes of insurers; a good thing in and of itself that also can save you money on your vehicle insurance premium.


The Hyundai Driving Score uses your vehicle’s sensors to collect data that summarizes your overall driving style in a way that is relevant and usable to insurers. This data is not tracked in real time, it is only a snapshot of the average driving behavior for each week and is not shared with insurers unless you explicitly give permission. If you maintain a good score and decide to share your data with insurers, you could potentially be eligible to receive better rates. Also note, as a new customer it will take roughly two weeks to build enough data to start showing your Hyundai Drive Score.
The Hyundai Driving Score takes into account criteria such as:
  • Smooth Driving –A lack of abruptness when accelerating or braking will improve this score because smoother driving is key for safer driving.
  • Speed Responsibility- Evaluates how frequently the vehicle is driven at speeds faster than 80 mph.
  • Driving Consistency– Evaluates the regularity of a vehicle’s driving schedule, which can be favorable.
  • Total Driving Hours – The less you drive, the higher the score will be because all things being equal, the fewer hours you drive the less likelihood of being in a vehicle accident.
  • Driving Time of Day – Similar to Total Driving Hours, this may not be something you can adjust easily, but late-night driving, especially during the weekend, is statistically typically risky and can possibly have a negative impact on the score.
In addition to the overall score, you will be able to view ratings on each individual factor, which can be compared to the overall and individual score from previous weeks.

You will also get a display with tips on how you can increase your score.

Insurance Discounts
Your Hyundai Driving Score is a service provided by Bluelink as a way of helping you improve your driving. One potential benefit of having a good score and safer driving is that you may be eligible for a discount on insurance. Currently MetLife and Bristol West could offer you an improved rate based on your good driving by visiting their site directly and generating a quote.                                                                                                                                                       
Additional Information
Some key points regarding your permissions on the use of this data:
  • If you do not want to participate in the driving score program at all, you do not have to. Simply opt-out in your MyHyundai account by clicking on the drive score permissions link. Note that opting out of the driving score program will prevent you from receiving any special insurance rates based on your good driving.

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