Send destinations, start or select the temperature of your Hyundai using Google Home and Bluelink.

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant that can provide real-time answers and activate streaming music services, smart home devices and your Hyundai. Using Google Assistant and Hyundai Bluelink, you can conveniently send destinations to your vehicle, start it, set the temperature and more. To get started, link your MyHyundai account using your MyHyundai username and password. In order to access remote functions, you will need to verbally provide your Bluelink PIN. Remember, an active Remote Package subscription is required to access the Hyundai Bluelink Agent for Google Assistant.

Here are some sample commands you can use:

• OK Google, ask Bluelink to send the address for the Cosmopolitan to my Hyundai.

• OK Google, ask Bluelink to remote start my Tucson and set the temperature to 72 degrees.

• OK Google, ask Bluelink to start charging my Sonata.


To learn more and get started with the Hyundai Bluelink Agent, visit the Google Assistant Bluelink Agent page.

To learn more about Bluelink features, visit Hyundai Bluelink.

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