Bluelink Safeguard Alerts: overview

The Vehicle Safeguard Alerts are a set of features in the Bluelink Remote package that you can choose to activate and receive notifications when your vehicle crosses limits that you set such as a curfew, a distance or a maximum speed. These features, ideal for parents of young drivers, keep you informed about your vehicle and provides the peace of mind that your vehicle and those in it are safe and secure.

In order to use the Vehicle Safeguard Alerts you will need an active subscription to the Bluelink Remote Package and you may need to download the Vehicle Safeguard App to your vehicle. All alerts can be managed and set on the Bluelink page of your MyHyundai owners account and you can choose to be notified via text, email or MyHyundai app notifications for each alert.

Valet Alert

Whenever you leave your Hyundai vehicle with a valet driver, you can set the Valet Alert to notify you if your vehicle travels beyond your chosen distance limit. The distance allowed is from the location where the alert was activated. This alert can be activated in your car, in the MyHyundai app or in your MyHyundai account.

Geo-Fence Alert

This feature allows you to set boundaries for allowed areas and restricted areas for your vehicle to drive. You will be notified if your vehicle exits an allowed area or enters a restricted area. This feature must be set in your MyHyundai account

Speed Alert

This feature allows you to pre-set a speed limit for your vehicle. You will be notified if you’re your vehicle exceeds this speed limit. This alert can be set and managed in your MyHyundai account

Curfew Alert

This feature allows you to pre-set acceptable time intervals for when your Hyundai vehicle can and cannot be driven. You will be notified if these curfews are exceeded. This alert can be set and managed in your MyHyundai account.

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