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At Hyundai Motor America, your privacy is important to us, as is your trust in our products and services. During your interactions with us, we may collect and use information about you. This may be used to tailor the experience to you or provide relevant information about our products and services. We take great care in your privacy and personal information with us.

Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and share personal information related to customers, owners, prospective buyers, users of our vehicles and connected services, and business partners, and the privacy rights such individuals have regarding their personal information. If you would like to submit a privacy request to us regarding such personal information, or to check status on an existing request, please select from the options below.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details on our personal information practices, including:


California Consumer Privacy Rights: California residents have certain rights under California privacy laws, including the right to opt out of sales and sharing of their personal information and the right to limit certain uses and disclosures of sensitive personal information. You may submit a request to exercise these rights by clicking 'Make a New Request' and completing the request form. For more information about your California privacy rights, including additional methods for submitting a request, please go here.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on personal information requests

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Requests for personal information submitted to our dealers and other business partners should be submitted directly to the dealer or business partner.

California Human Resources Privacy Rights Request Intake Form: If you are a job applicant, or a current or former employee or contractor, of Hyundai Motor America and you would like to submit a request regarding your personal information we have collected in the context of your job application or working relationship with us, please submit a request to our Human Resources Privacy Rights Request Form.

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